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Bond Back Cleaning in Melbourne

365 Cleaners is a well-reputed cleaning company that is offering the best bond back cleaning services in Melbourne with the end of lease cleaning bond guarantee. We have a reputation in the region for providing the best bond cleaning and hygienic services for rental properties. Whether you have a big space or a small one, we have customized bond cleaning services for our clients. Our bond back cleaners are well trained, who have vast experience in cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing all parts and intricate areas of the house. From kitchen cabinets and corners to bathrooms, which are the nastiest areas for accumulating dust, dust bunnies and grime in the house and require very intense cleaning, we cater to offer absolutely satisfactory services.

We are completely flexible bond back cleaning services in Melbourne, who are always ready to offer our services as per the requirements of the clients. Our comprehensive range of packages is well suited to all your requirements and has proper availability as per the date chosen by the clients. Our instant bookings assist you in getting professional services without any stress and trouble. We are always prepared to adjust (schedule) as per the needs of the customers and do create the packages accordingly.

Bond Back Cleaning Includes

  • General Cleaning – fans, lights, walls, windows, furniture, blinds, cords, and rails, etc.
  • Carpet Shampoo Cleaning
  • Floor sweeping, mopping, and hand washing
  • Tile and grout cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
  • Garage
  • Patio or porch.

We offer customized bond back cleaning packages in Melbourne to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our team utilizes strict adherence to quality control measures to ensure the highest level of cleaning within the shortest possible time and affordable budget.


Expert Cleaning Service

We are qualified and skilled to clean your entire home, from vacuuming carpets, cleaning windows/doors to scrubbing bathroom/kitchen to everything else. Our team meticulously plan and execute cleaning to deliver the best results that satisfy the landlord and the property manager. Whether small or big house, our meticulous service and punctuality leaves our customers completely satisfied and gain many repeat bond back cleaning customers in Melbourne.

Eco-friendly home Cleaning Solutions

As one of the trusted bond back cleaning companies in Melbourne, we use biodegradable cleaning products that leave no trace of toxic chemical or fume that damage your furniture or harm your family members. Our products provide deep cleaning of all kinds of surfaces—glass, wood, tiles or event cemented floors—while giving a complete peace of mind to all our customers. They do not cause any harm to you, your family and the environment.

Add Value To Your Property

End of lease cleaning can be stressful but hiring local bond back cleaners in Melbourne can help you gain the lost sheen of the rental property and win back the security deposit without any penalty. We use industry-leading tools and equipment to clean the obstinate stains to bring back your property to its original, new state. Our team ensures your home or office looks squeaky clean and hygienic to ensure your property is rented at the most competitive rate to the new tenants.

Affordable Cleaning Solutions

365 Cleaners stand by its top-class bond-back cleaning service in Melbourne without charging insane money. Regardless of the size of your property, our team remains dedicated to offer superior quality cleaning services within  at the most affordable prices. We promise stress-free cleaning experience for every bond cleaning job. Entrust us once to experience the impact of professional bond back cleaning on your residential and/or commercial property.

Our step-by-step Bond Back Cleaning in Melbourne Process


365 Cleaners work with complete transparency and make sure that whole bond return cleaning is a very relaxing and comfortable experience for the customers. Take a look at how the complete process of cleaning takes place:

  1. 1. Contact us by phone or online to book our bond back cleaning in Melbourne.
  2. 2.Our staff from the support team will take notes of your cleaning requirements and present you with a customized quote according to the services.
  3. 3.The flexibility in our schedule makes our availability a sheer benefit for the customers which allows them to select any date for the task.
  4. 4.Our team of professional cleaners arrives at the location at the scheduled time.
  5. 5.The bond back cleaners bring all their advanced equipment and modern tools with them, to cause no trouble to the clients.


  1. 6. Our skilled cleaners start the process of bond back guarantee cleaning and make the house spotless while working as per the directions of the clients.
  2. 7. Our bond back cleaners follow a particular criterion, which is a holistic approach that includes doors and windows to every minute area cleaning.
  3. 8. We cater for special cleaning services like carpet cleaning with the help of our advanced equipment and modern tools.
  4. 9. Once the cleaning part is done, in the next step, the cleaners would ask for examining the property before leaving.
  5. 10. Although you are not going to face any problem yet in extreme and rare cases if the property owner reports some issues regarding cleaning and reports the same with specific objections to us, then we make sure to re-clean the house on the terms of the quote

This situation does not arise with 365 cleaners, because we provide absolute spotless cleaning to make sure that you get your bond back.


Cleaning With Bond Back Guarantee in Melbourne

When the duration of renting is over it gets very complex when it comes to moving out of the rental property which requires way more than ordinary cleaning of vacuuming and mopping. Most of the time, people have to let go of their bond back deposit. We provide bond back guarantee cleaning services and bond back guarantee, you can get your bond back and spotless cleaning of the property. Keeping the standard high and maintaining proper confidence is the key factor ensuring to get your end of lease cleaning bond back guarantee. When you choose to invest in a bond back cleaning company, you have already invested in obtaining peace of mind in the most stressful time of moving. When you know that you have trained and professional bond back cleaners who are working vigorously to clean your house accurately and make it spotless, it helps alleviate stress related to the moving task. Such a level of bond back cleaning can make sure that you pass your inspection of the house and get your bond back without any hassle. So, with 365 cleaners we meet the standards of inspection for bond back cleaning services.


Cleaning that Makes Your Rental Property Stand Out

The level of cleaning which you will get from 365 Cleaners is impeccable. We give complete validation on the part that there will be end of lease cleaning bond back guarantee. Once you are in contact with us, then we make sure to invest all our efforts in providing spotless houses. The professionally trained bond back cleaners use modern and well-advanced equipment and the latest techniques for cleaning. This complete process makes us stand out in terms of best quality.

The primary motive of bond cleaning is to assist the clients in getting the bond back from the property owner. We provide complete inspection-oriented services, which are meant to get all the clients to pass their inspection done by the property manager. From sweeping, mopping, disinfecting and sanitizing the house, we are catering for all kinds of services to minimize clients’ efforts. We work completely at the discretion of the clients and always put their concerns as a priority. After providing numerous successful bond cleaning services, we claim ourselves as the best one in terms of customer satisfaction. With such efficiency the houses will be cleaned that they will look extra bright and attractive, which will make it stand out as compared to other houses.

Inclusions and Exclusions- Bond Back Cleaning in Melbourne

To make sure that you get your bond back, you need to mention all the details about the house. Do specify the special requirements which you want to include in the services like deep cleaning of carpet with shampoo, upholstery cleaning, pressure cleaning and stain removal. Please check the quote that all listed services are mentioned properly, so that no room should be left for the reason to not get your bond back.

Bond Cleaning Inclusions

There are numerous services which are offered by 365 Cleaners. Let us have a view of how each service has been done in a detailed form.


  • Complete drawers cleaning including in cupboards also, doors, windows and top of cupboards and shelves
  • Wiping off cobwebs, small insects’ nests and marks.
  • Clean skirting, architraves, room doors and main door.
  • Spotless clean walls, light switches, light fittings and electricity supply power points
  • Clean ventilators, uniform blinds, cords, rails and both sides deep cleaning of windows
  • Vacuum floors, carpets, sliding doors to extract out all the dust and dirt fewer tracks
  • Deep cleaning of the floors with a mop


  • Deep inside and outside cleaning of the refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.
  • Holistic cleaning of all kitchen cabinets, drawers, doors and windows.
  • Complete clean of the sink and dry it later, pipes, drains, drain holes and last is polish of taps to give them a new look.
  • Remove oil grease from the stove and inside, outside and under the cleaning of the stove, its top, rings, elements and knobs.
  • Overall cleaning of oven, griller, barbecue, tray racks, glass and knobs and chimney with its filter.
  • Clean kitchen shelves and tiles, remove oil and other deep stains. Remove marks and dirt from the walls and ceiling as well.


  • Clean inside and outside of bathroom cabinets and drawers
  • Deep clean toilet, around cistern, under and around the toilet seat
  • Remove the dirt and dust from the exhaust fans
  • A clean bathing area like bathtub and shower cabin to remove built-up soap residue on the glass or tiles, soap holder and bathroom shelves for placing of toiletries
  • Clean sink and polish the faucets and towel rails or tissue rails.
  • Clean mirrors, windows, doors, vacuum dirt from window tracks and deep clean of floor to remove dark stains


  • Clean the complete washing machine area and its equipment along with filters.
  • inside and outside cleaning of cupboards and drawers to remove detergent stains.
  • Clean the dryer inside, outside and behind it. Remove lint also which is accumulated in the filter after extracting from clothes.
  • A deep clean laundry tub, shelves, drawers and tapware, later polish it also.
  • Clean windows, walls, floors and window tracks and remove all stains of soap.


Wipe over dust from furniture surfaces and polish it later.


Clean the dirt and sweep floors and mop it later. Remove cobwebs and wipe dirt from the ceiling.


Remove cobwebs and deep marks of vehicles. Sweep and mop the floor to eliminate tire marks and other stains.

Additional Services

There are a few items that are quoted separately on the quote. Among those items, the most common ones are listed below:

  • Maintenance of pool
  • Clean and vacuum carpet
  • Removal of waste
  • Venetian and ordinary blinds
  • Pest control
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Properties that need to be furnished
  • Upholstery cleaning

Apart from all these common services some special services are also there which includes household repairs and painters etc.

Bond Cleaning Exclusions of Bond Cleaning in Melbourne


The items which are going to be listed below are excluded from our bond cleaning services.


Some moulds can be implanted into silicon, grout and any other areas, and our bond back cleaners put their best efforts to remove mould from such areas. However, the specialist should deal with this and restore the mould to its normal state.

Damp Spots

A very common thing that can happen in any house is damp spots, and they mostly affect the ‘dry wall’ plaster. Although bond cleaning services can make an effort to remove them they can not vanish properly. Once the moisture returns to that area, marks and damp spots will start reflecting again.

Proper Wall Clean

Some basic stains from the walls like insect marks etc. can be cleaned but whole wall clean requires more effort and time, still desired results cannot be seen. However, the requirement of whole wall cleaning also comes if the stains are way more intense than the normal marks.



With the overall experience of the bond cleaning company, we give our 100% effort to clean all the items which the client had asked for. Whereas, discolouration is one thing that happens organically with wear and tear of the property. Some areas in the house like toilets, grout and plastics turn their colour into yellow with time. It is highly unlikely to bring them back in their original colour unless there is an intervention of some specialist who has special techniques to do so.

Tile and Natural Rock Stains

With time, some stains and marks get permanent on the tiles due to the composition or benchtops. However, we can try to remove such stains but it is possible that those stains can disappear if some specialist would take care of them.

Dangerous Areas

Such areas which are prone to be dangerous to operate like defective electricity supply powerpoints, uncovered switches, junk, bio waste or any other threat are considered to be harmful by the bond cleaning services. They avoid involving themselves in cleaning such areas which can cause hazards.



All such areas that are placed at some heights and require a ladder to get the cleaning done are not entertained by the cleaners. To illustrate, high ceilings, windows in a complex on higher floors etc. are the excluded areas for cleaning.

Garage Walls

Garage walls and floors are not on our list for cleaning.

Specialist Services

Few areas in the house require special cleaning techniques, equipment, products or a professional expert. Those areas are mainly garages, pressure cleaners, plasterers and painters because some repairs are essential in the house which does not come in the cleaning part.


Additional Items

Furniture, refrigerators and other electronic gadgets that are not listed cannot be cleaned. If clients and bond back cleaning services agree to be on the same page in the written form and include these items, then the cleaners can consider cleaning them.

Furnished (If Applicable)

If you want your cupboards to be cleaned from inside, then you have to make sure that the items are removed and it’s empty for cleaning. Otherwise, we will not clean it.

Kitchen Items (Furnished if applicable)

We do not prefer to clean kitchen items that do not have a warranty and consist of space in cabinets and drawers.

Furnished Property Exclusions


The home decor items like picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, glass bowls, linen and ‘nick knacks’ do not have any warranty, so they do not get cleaned. These items are considered fragile items and can break easily, thus cleaners do not clean them.
Bond Back Guarantee (T’s &C’s Apply) Exclusions with Bond Cleaning in Melbourne
At 365 Cleaners, just like Bond Cleaning Exclusions, there are other exclusions that we cannot warrant under Bond Back Guarantee.

Outside Windows

While excluding the windows at height and above the reach of accessibility, we can clean the outside windows, but because of unpredictable weather conditions, we cannot warrant them.

Outside Glass

Again, glass placed at some heights and way above the reach are excluded but we will clean the glass within the reach. Thus, weather conditions do not let us give a warrant for it.


Outside Areas

Balconies, patios and other areas with three walls only cannot be protected from weather circumstances. According to the inclusions which are already discussed, we can provide the services of cleaning outside areas but weather conditions restrain us from giving a warrant to this.

Post-Pest Control

Post pest control needs additional cleaning once the pest control takes place at some places; however, we do not take responsibility and do not warrant those items. The reason is that accumulation of dead insects or animals after the Pest control is done at the property, once the cleaning part has already been done.



The garage does not come under warrant for its inside and outside cleaning, because it has very rigid stains of grease and oil which are not so easy to make disappear.

Completion Events

An event that has been performed after the bond is clean and within the duration of the warranty might have an impact on Managing Agents for release of the bond, in which bond cleaner takes no responsibility. 365 Cleaners neither guarantee nor be responsible for completion events. There are some factors based on which the reasons can be determined, such as:

  • Because of door left open, the collection of dirt or grim near a window or door.
  • Scattered dead insects that were alive at the time of cleaning have been added since then.
  • A build-up of dust and dirt on the surface that has settled after the clean.
  • Waste of animals and insects
  • Moving in or already moved new residents
  • Third-party access to the property has not been permitted by us.


Kitchen items (Furnished if applicable)

All such kitchen items that occupy cupboards and drawers, we neither clean them nor warrant them.

Furnished Property Exclusions

All decorative items of the house like glass items, vases, lamps, picture frames etc. are not included in the cleaning part nor the warranty also.

Bond Cleaning Experts with Highest Success Rate

We are happy to share this information that we are the most reputed and prestigious bond cleaning company in Melbourne. We have been associated with many happy and satisfied customers in getting their bond back.

  • Eco friendly and biodegradable solutions for environmental protection
  • Best bond cleaning services in Melbourne
  • Advanced technology for bond cleaning
  • A bond cleaning company with strong credibility
  • Providing services in Melbourne and its Suburbs
  • Affordable services of end of lease cleaning bond guarantee

Our Extensive Bond Back Cleaning

At 365 Cleaners, we can completely empathize with the situation of relocation and the importance of getting bond money and utilizing it at the time of moving. However, we give our complete effort in getting your bond back and making it a comfortable and relaxing experience.

  • Professional experience in Cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning bond guarantee
  • Outstanding Support Service
  • Safe hygienic cleaning and disinfection
  • Home and Office Cleaning
  • Comfortable and convenient as per clients’ requirements


Got questions? We've got answers

What Is the Cost of Bond back Cleaning in Melbourne?

We have an hourly payment system, which is $129 for one hour. When you call us and give us the details about the services you are looking for, we can provide you with a ballpark figure to give you an idea about the cost. Once the complete details are filled you will get an estimate of the cost.

How Can I Book Your Bond Cleaning Service?

We provide the easiest access to the clients for booking. You can visit our website and schedule our bond cleaning services in Melbourne by filling out the form 'Request a Quote.' Our correspondents will instantly give you a reply. You can call us on our number 1300 285 518 to talk directly to the executives who will take proper notes of your cleaning requirements and the property condition. Within a few minutes, you can receive a quote from our team and will select a date and time at your convenience. We have 24/7 availability to assist you with all your queries.

What Is Bond Back Guarantee Cleaning?

The bond back guarantee represents our commitment to putting absolute best effort into cleansing the property. We can organize a re-cleaning of the house if the owner OR property advisor finds spots or stains in the house. Once you report this objection to us, we can do a re-clean of the house. At last, our bond back guarantee leaves you in a state of relaxation while taking the whole burden on itself.

Do You Clean Windows as Well?

Yes, we do clean the windows inside and outside if the cleaners have access to them. Whereas, we are restricted to operating on heights in terms of security perspective. So, if you are located on the second or any other floor of the building which requires a ladder for cleaning, then we are afraid to tell you that we are not able to clean the windows from outside. We are not in workable conditions when it comes to heights and dangerous areas. However, if the windows are within reach, then our cleaners efficiently clean them while using the glass cleaning solution. Without any scratching and gazing of the glass, you will get spotless cleaning without any watermarks also. Our cleaners give special attention to windowsills while taking out the dirt and dust bunnies from there. Thus, we can provide you with meticulous service in window cleaning if it is accessible.

Do I Have to Pay While Asking for A Quote?

Not! We offer free quotes to all the clients without any obligations. At the moment when you contact us to get an estimate, you only have to do is to provide us with basic details of the property and its condition. Our support team at the backend will calculate the final price and provide you with the quote completely free. Moreover, you do not have to pay any price before you decide to go with our services. Although, you can use the quote to compare the prices offered by other bond cleaning companies. With no hidden cost involved, we offer complete transparency in our pricing.

Are you providing bond back cleaning in Brisbane City?

Yes, we are providing a top-quality bond back cleaning service to our customers in Brisbane. We assure you that you will get your bond money back from your landlord at the end of your tenancy.

How much does a bond cleaning service cost in Melbourne?

There is no set cost for bond cleaning services in Melbourne because the cost continuously varies depending on the size of the house and your cleaning requirements. Costs range from $130 for a smaller cleaning job to around $500 for a large cleaning job.

Do you work at the weekend?

Yes, we have 24/7 availability for the clients, which makes us available as per the requirements of the clients.

Do I have to be at home during the cleaning?

This is completely at the discretion of the clients. If you want the cleaners to be cleaned in any specific way then you can stay there and give directions as you want it. Whereas, if you trust that the cleaners are professional enough and clean it efficiently, then there is no need for you to drain your energy and time on that. You can accomplish tasks related to your moving, by the time the cleaning process continues. However, if you know that you have a fussy landlord and he will create problems for you in getting the bond back, then you can share this information with the cleaners and make sure the house is getting clean as per the satisfaction of the property owner.

What will you do in bond cleaning services?

We provide a comprehensive range of services in bond cleaning services like carpet cleaning and vacuuming, deep cleaning of kitchen appliances and equipment, sweeping and mopping of floors, complete cleaning of bathroom and cupboards. We primarily believe in giving such bond cleaning services which can surely bring back your bond. We emphasize cleaning the house while keeping the inspection in mind, which can make us put more effort and accomplish the target of getting the deposit money back.

How can I get a quote for a bond back cleaning service?

To get a quote from us, you simply have to visit our website and fill in some basic details about the house and its condition. Once you have shared the information, our team of customer services will calculate the estimate according to the things mentioned and in a very short period, provide you with the quote for bond back cleaning service.

How do you do a good bond back cleaning in Melbourne?

We make sure all our cleaners should get proper training on how to do bond back cleaning so that they can understand the level of professionalism the client is looking for. During the training, the cleaners get acquainted in the beginning and later make them practice modern equipment and latest techniques for cleaning. After such rigorous training, our cleaners execute the task of cleaning, which makes it not only good but the best bond cleaning in Melbourne. The cleaners claim to provide customer satisfaction with the level of cleaning and professionalism.

Why Choose 365 Cleaners for Bond Cleaning in Melbourne?

At 365 Cleaners, you can get complete efficiency in terms of getting your house clean and getting your bond back. The team of skilled and expert professionals will clean your house beyond your expectations. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we leave no stone unturned to extract the best out of the services. Our client is our top priority and we make sure to satisfy all their needs with our customized services. We cater to all the needs of our customers from basic to extraordinary. That is why choosing 365 Cleaners will be your best decision for getting your bond back without any stress and hassle.

How much does a bond cleaning service cost in Sydney and Canberra?

There is no fixed amount for getting a bond cleaning service; it entirely depends on the place and size of the house. From Sydney to Canberra, prices can be different from each other.

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Why Hire 365 Cleaners for Bond Back Cleaning Service in Melbourne?

  • An expert team of professional and friendly cleaners trained to deliver quality services.
  • We have a proven track record of success in delivering bond back cleaning services to thousands of tenants.
  • We have a good understanding of the exact cleaning needs of the tenants while vacating their rental houses.
  • We are available all round the clock to deliver our cleaning services to clients.
  • We provide cost-effective bond back cleaning solutions within the stipulated timeframe.
Trained Cleaning Staff
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We provide a free quote for bond return cleaning of your rental property, once you get in touch with us.

Trained Cleaning Staff
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Our staff is completely friendly and cooperative, to understand all client needs to create a healthy relationship.

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We have excellent bond cleaning services, with no competition so far in terms of expertise and executing spotless sanitation.

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