Keeping a house clean can be a tedious job, particularly with the frequent hassles of life in bustling Melbourne. Whilst you focus on what is important, 365 Cleaners can solve all your exterior and interior window cleaning demands. We are known for our professional window cleaners in Melbourne, ensuring windows glisten and shine.

Professional Window Cleaning in Melbourne

Dirt and grunge accumulate quickly on your windows. It’s essential to keep the windows of your Melbourne home clean, not only for the look but also for your overall health. With 365 Cleaners, you can expect an unbeatable window cleaning service in Melbourne that will outshine any DIY. We pride ourselves on skilled, efficient services using the best window cleaning supplies in Melbourne to provide shining results.

We understand that different types of windows require different treatments. We tailor our services based on your type of windows to ensure the best results. Differentiating residential windows from commercial windows, we appropriately apply our custom cleaning supplies in Melbourne to allow a brilliant shine.

Clean Windows in Melbourne for Any Hard-To-Reach Places

Windows not only let sunlight in but also provide a magnificent view of Melbourne from its comforts. However, some windows can be harder to reach than others – but don’t worry! Our skilled team in Melbourne is trained in harnessing, pressure washing and abseiling to clean windows effectively, no matter how high or hard-to-reach those places are.

If you have dirty windows in Melbourne, eliminating the dirt and smear is our speciality. We use advanced spray bottles and rubber blades in tandem with our proprietary window cleaning detergents, leaving streak-free windows every time.

On top of that, our team is capable of handling more than just glass windows. Melbourne homes often have window frames and window sills that collect dust and dirt over time. 365 Cleaners can tackle even these additional parts of your windows, ensuring a spotless finish.
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Window Cleaning For Commercial Buildings In Melbourne

High-rise buildings and commercial establishments need regular window cleaning in Melbourne to maintain a professional look. Our specialised crew has the equipment and knowledge to clean windows in the challenging and high-rise conditions of commercial window cleaning.

We also ensure customer happiness in Melbourne by not leaving a job halfway done. Should we discover any paint or stubborn spots on your glass windows during cleaning, we use carefully selected tools to eliminate this without harming the glass.

How to Keep Your Windows Clean In Melbourne

Maintaining a spotless window can be a challenging task. However, using a Window Vac can help. This tool squeegee the water off your windows after you’ve washed them, preventing water spots from forming when the water evaporates.

Another great trick to minimise spotting on windows is to avoid cleaning them on sunny days. The sun can dry the cleaner before you’re able to wipe it off, making additional streaks on the windows.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure your windows are sparkling clean is to hire professional window cleaners in Melbourne, such as us, to do the job for you.
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Why Choose 365 Cleaners for Window Cleaning In Melbourne?

At 365 Cleaners, we value our customers’ Peace of Mind. We offer reliable, affordable, quality commercial and residential window cleaning services in Melbourne – tailored just for you! 

We believe in the quality of the work we complete and competitive pricing for Melbourne residents. Additionally, our team is highly skilled, customer-friendly, and dedicated to achieving customer happiness in Melbourne.

To discuss your window cleaning needs and for a no-obligation quote, call us today on 1300 285 518.


Nothing provides your home or commercial building in Melbourne a quick face-lift like clean, shiny window exteriors and interiors. If you are in and around Melbourne and need your windows professionally cleaned, do not hesitate to call 365 Cleaners Melbourne today. We make window cleaning hassle-free, leaving you with a spotlessly clean and fresh home. Trust us, you won’t regret it. We clean windows, so you don’t have to!


Got questions? We’ve got answers

Why should I choose 365 Cleaners for my window cleaning in Melbourne?

You should choose 365 Cleaners due to their comprehensive services. Not only do we clean your windows but also tackle frames and sills. We offer professional, skilled, and efficient service at competitive prices.

How does 365 Cleaners handle hard-to-reach windows in Melbourne homes?

Our skilled team is trained in harnessing, pressure washing, and abseiling, allowing us to effectively clean windows regardless of how high or hard-to-reach they are.

Does 365 Cleaners only clean residential windows in Melbourne?

No, in addition to residential properties, we also provide window cleaning for commercial buildings and high-rise establishments in Melbourne.

What measures does 365 Cleaners take to ensure streak-free windows in Melbourne homes?

We use advanced spray bottles, rubber blades, and proprietary window cleaning detergents to achieve streak-free windows every time.

How can I keep my windows clean in Melbourne between professional cleanings by 365 Cleaners?

Using a window vacuum can help maintain spotless windows as it can squeegee off the water after you’ve washed them. Also, avoid cleaning windows on sunny days, as the sun can dry the cleaner before you’re able to wipe it off, leading to additional streaks on the windows.

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