Perth is graced with beautiful glass windows in towering residential and commercial buildings. These luxurious installations need regular cleaning to ensure the vibrancy of their view. At 365 Cleaners, offering premium window cleaning services in Perth is our speciality.

Clean Windows Perth with Precision & Excellence

Living in the bustling city of Perth, spotting a dirty window may easily ruin the landscape’s aesthetics. It showcases the city’s charming beauty and the architectural splendour of the buildings. Thus, a clear view from your window is not just about maintaining cleanliness but also enjoying the beauty of Perth you’re surrounded with. That’s why our skilled team at 365 Cleaners offers window cleaning service in Perth.

Dirt from windows can obstruct your view and spoil your mood. We deeply understand that these tiny inconveniences can escalate over time if not treated promptly. 365 Cleaners are staffed with trained professionals who are proficient in removing dirt from windows in Perth. 

We share your passion for a neat and clean house or office space, which includes glistening windows. Over the past few years, our professional window cleaners in Perth have developed innovative cleaning methods that yield streak-free results. This has established us at 365 Cleaners as the go-to choice for commercial window cleaning services in Perth.

Be it Interior or Exterior Windows – Leave It to Us in Perth

Whether it’s about servicing interior or exterior windows in a skyscraper or a ground-floor house, our skilled team at 365 Cleaners is ready to assist you. No window is too high or hard-to-reach for us in Perth. Furthermore, our crew is thoroughly trained and experienced in handling various types of windows, including traditional glass windows, frames, and sills.

Our window cleaning detergents are tough on stains but gentle on your windows, promising efficient cleaning without harming your precious windows in Perth. And with stringent quality controls in place, customer happiness is always our priority. .

In addition to routine cleaning, we offer special cleaning services to remove paint from glass windows. Our superior technique and best-in-class window cleaning supplies ensure we deliver the best window cleaning service in Perth, leaving your house or business space with a refreshed look and shiny window.
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Why Choose 365 Cleaners for Window Cleaning in Perth?

Trust is the cornerstone of our services, and we aim to hold onto it firmly. Here’s why our patrons in Perth love us:

Competitive Pricing: We offer the finest window cleaning service in Perth without burning a hole in your pocket. We value every dollar you spend.

Unmatched Quality: Our window cleaners in Perth are skilled to deliver streak-free windows every time. We strive to provide excellent customer service.

Professionalism: Absolutely! Each member at 365 Cleaners is trained to exhibit the highest level of professionalism. 

So when you think of a window cleaning service in Perth, think of us – the 365 Cleaners. We are keen on maintaining your trust in us for years to come.

How to Keep Your Windows in Perth Shiny?

Keeping windows shiny and sparkly is indeed a task considering the dust and pollution in the cities around Perth, such as Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. But fret not! Here’s a small guide on maintaining the shine for your windows in Perth. 

Spray Bottle Trick: Mix window cleaning detergents and water in a spray bottle and apply on the glass. Wipe off with a high-quality, lint-free cloth for streak-free windows.

Rubber Blade: Remove excess water using a rubber blade. This simple tool ensures no watermarks are left behind on the glass.

Use a Window Vac: If your windows are too dirty, consider using a window vac. This tool can absorb dirty water from the glass, leaving behind clean and shiny windows.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that expert intervention is sometimes the best way to tackle stubborn stains. So why not leave it to the professionals at 365 Cleaners in Perth? Give us a call at 1300 285 518 and enjoy peace of mind.
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Reliable Window Cleaning Service in Perth by 365 Cleaners

Choosing 365 Cleaners for window cleaning in Perth is the best decision you’ll make. We are known for our reliable window cleaning services, which make your windows shine like never before. 

We also use pressure washing techniques to clean windows in hard-to-reach places. Our top-notch methods are designed to ensure you enjoy pristine, sticker-than-new windows in the comfort of your premises in Perth.

It’s our goal to see you satisfied and happy with the result of our services. Contact 365 Cleaners at 1300 285 518, for immaculate windows that will leave you in awe. 


Got questions? We’ve got answers

Why should I choose 365 Cleaners for window cleaning in Perth?

You should choose us for several reasons including our competitive pricing, unmatched quality, and professionalism. We prioritise customer happiness and our trained team continually delivers streak-free window cleaning in Perth.

Can 365 Cleaners handle both interior and exterior windows?

Absolutely, we have the expertise and equipment to handle both interior and exterior windows in Perth. Whether it’s a skyscraper or a ground-floor house, we can reach any window with our advanced methods.

Is 365 Cleaners efficient in removing tough stains from my windows?

Yes, our team is skilled in removing even the toughest stains. We use cleaning detergents that are tough on stains but gentle on your windows. We also offer special window cleaning services to remove paint from glass windows.

How can I maintain the sparkle of my windows in between 365 Cleaners’ visits?

You can maintain the shine of your windows by using a spray bottle trick, a rubber blade, or a window vac. However, for stubborn stains and comprehensive cleaning, we recommend leaving it to the professionals at 365 Cleaners in Perth.

Is 365 Cleaners a reliable choice for window cleaning in Perth?

Definitely, we are known for our reliable window cleaning services in Perth. We use top-notch methods and pressure washing techniques to ensure you enjoy pristine, cleaner-than-new windows. Your satisfaction and peace of mind with our services in Perth are our utmost priorities.

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