• End of Lease Cleaning
  • Bond Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Acid Wash
  • Floor Polish
  • Pressure Wash
  • Dirveway Wash
  • Window Cleaning
  • Brick Wall Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Move Out Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

Frequently Asked question

Depending on the size and condition of the rental property, the period varies. However, it will take between 3 to 4 hours for a one-bedroom house, 4-6 hours for a two-bedroom, and 6 to 8 hours for a three-bedroom house. If you choose to use additional cleaning services like carpet cleaning, mould removal, wall washing, etc., the time will add up. Setting aside a day for cleaning is preferable.

It is recommended to book your end-of-lease cleaning services as soon as you decide to move to a new place. Ideally your cleaners should walk in at least a week ago but even if they come prior to that, there is no harm. But yes, there should not be much gap from the final day of the inspection as the dust may accumulate again. So, book your end-of-lease cleaning company in the range of 15-7 days prior to the inspection.

We offer a variety of end of lease cleaning services to suit your needs. We can clean the carpets, vacuum them, and deodorize them. We can also clean the tiles, and remove stains from upholstery. We also offer a range of other services such as oven cleaning and window washing.

Bond Cleaning

Frequently Asked question

It is best to schedule a bond cleaning one week before the lease expires so that we have time to arrange the job. In the event that our cleaners are available, we also offer emergency vacate cleaning.

We put in our wholehearted efforts to clean your place completely. Talking about if we provide any guarantee or not, then we do provide bond back guarantee but with certain conditions. If you contact us in writing within 72 hours of the cleaning services being provided, then we will revisit your premises to re-clean as per the exit reports after the inspection.

No, we don't offer any form of bond money assurance. When the owner checks to see if the cleaning is finished after some time, dirt may reappear. We, therefore, avoid making any guarantees regarding that aspect.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Frequently Asked question

Absolutely! You will be amazed by the results when using our deep cleaning procedure on really old tile and grout that hasn't been cleaned properly in a long time. We can also work on any type of tile floor, including those in bathrooms and kitchens.

Acid Wash

Frequently Asked question

Acid etches or eats away any remaining white milky streaks on the recently exposed aggregate concrete. Additionally, the colour of the concrete surface should consistently darken.

Floor Polish

Frequently Asked question

One of the primary reasons polished floors are greatly desired is their extraordinarily extended lifespans. Depending on the original age of your concrete and what it is exposed to on a daily basis, certain slabs will live longer than others. A polished concrete floor will typically last 15 years or longer, and if it is properly maintained, it may even last longer.

Pressure Wash

Frequently Asked question

Every two years, professional house cleaning services are advised to prevent accumulated filth and grime from penetrating your home. House cleaning has been mastered by 365 Cleaners. We wash houses thoroughly and use only the best and safest chemicals for use in homes. You can feel secure knowing a dependable and properly insured specialist is at your home, making your house gleam once more because all work is diligently completed.

Dirveway Wash

Frequently Asked question

Try to avoid foot traffic for at least four hours and vehicle traffic for at least 24 hours after sealing your driveway.

Window Cleaning

Frequently Asked question

It is recommended to use a mild, biodegradable soap that is gentle on sills and wood or vinyl frames but tough on dirt, grime, grease, and oil. At 365 Cleaners, we use a plant-based formula that is derived from renewable resources. On the client's request, we can also provide a protective barrier as an extra. After cleaning, this is applied to the glass. Applying a covering to the glass helps keep it clean for longer. This makes it easier for any moisture to escape.

The answer is yes, our cleaners do clean outside windows during move out cleaning. Terms and conditions Apply!

Brick Wall Cleaning

Frequently Asked question

Not at all, no. After carefully applying chemical solutions of the appropriate strength to remove the dirt or paint layer without harming the underlying brickwork, we will evaluate your brickwork. Occasionally, the bricks' surface will have deteriorated beneath the covering; in this situation, brick fragments may become loose during the cleaning procedure.

Carpet Cleaning

Frequently Asked question

We employ a process known as "hot water extraction," also referred to as "steam cleaning." This technique is recommended by carpet producers since it removes dirt without causing damage to the fabric. To complete the task properly, we employ some of the most powerful machinery.

No, the type of steam cleaning we employ aims to preserve the carpet's fabric and colour and also lengthen its lifespan.

House Cleaning

Frequently Asked question

Following the customer centric approach, we ask our customers about their requirements first. Then an expert from our team will inquire about the details of the space and see what all is required, that if your carpet needs steam cleaning or vacuum cleaning would work. After the entire plan is made, a free quote is provided to the client. Then, on the fixed date, we provide the house cleaning services. It includes all types of services like tile cleaning, window cleaning, kitchen, carpet, restroom, etc. The goal is to get you that bond money back.

365 Cleaners provides every house cleaning service to make sure that your house regains its shine. Our expert team of cleaners will provide you with top-notch services like steam carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, and everything else that your house requires.

Carpets are one of the dirtiest things in your house. They are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Therefore, it is not a good idea to remove them during house cleaning because they will just get dirty again after some time.

Depending on the size and condition of the house, the time may change. There cannot be a set time allocated for housecleaning.

Move Out Cleaning

Frequently Asked question

When cleaning, we avoid reaching spots that are at particular heights. For instance, outside windows are cleaned if they are within reach because cleaning regions at height to prevent accidents is impossible otherwise.