Ensuring a clean and hygienic environment, 365 Cleaners offer premier deep cleaning services for homes and businesses. Proudly serving Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, we understand the diverse needs of our clients and provide specialised services tailored to your requirements.

With our skilled team of professional cleaners, we provide an ultimate deep cleaning service that leaves your property spotless, disinfected, and fresh. We undertake a systematic cleaning process, employing advanced cleaning techniques and professional-grade cleaning products to ensure a thorough, satisfying result in every corner of your property.

Experience superior house cleaning services with our devoted team, who go the extra mile in offering an unparalleled service. From wiping ceiling fans to the detailed cleaning of light switches, every task is accomplished with absolute attention to detail and professionalism. We have earned an excellent reputation in our field through consistent dedication to customer service, delivering a high standard of cleanliness throughout your property.

Comprehensive Approach to Deep Cleaning

At 365 cleaners, we follow a meticulous approach towards deep cleaning. Our professional cleaning service involves a detailed checklist, assuring to leave no areas untouched. Starting from the living spaces, we deep clean every surface, including the skirting boards, blinds, carpet steam cleaning, and even clean mirrors to bring back their sparkling shine.

Another crucial area of concentration is the kitchen, where we devote extra time to make sure every corner is spotless. We clean sinks, remove soap scum, and make your appliances shine like new. Our cleaning team ensures a meticulous clean-up in highly trafficked areas like the bathroom, where we remove hard water stains and grime, making the space completely germ-free and sparkling clean.

Our deep cleaning process continues to the outdoor areas of your property as well. We pressure wash the driveways, sweep patio areas, and clean windows for a comprehensive clean of your property from the inside out.
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Why Choose 365 Cleaners for Deep Cleaning Services?

At 365 Cleaners, we raise the cleaning experience standard with our exceptional service. Here’s why you should entrust us with your deep cleaning needs:

Professional Cleaners: Our crew comprises experienced and professionally trained individuals who carry a wealth of cleaning expertise. 

Personalised Services: Our services are tailored to meet and exceed personal expectations, ensuring a clean, healthy, and fresh environment for our clients.

Regular Cleaning: To maintain consistency in cleanliness and hygiene, we offer regular cleaning services that suit your convenience and schedule.

Customer Service: Our communication lines are always open during business hours, ensuring prompt responsiveness to your inquiries and requests.

Quality Assurance: Every cleaning service we provide is of the highest quality, with every task performed up to the best industry standards.

Effective Cleaning with Dependable Tools and Products

Our success as a leading cleaning service company in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, is a testament to our dedication to providing reliable cleaning services. We use world-class equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products for a deep, thorough cleaning that yields impressive results.

Our dedicated cleaners employ modern cleaning techniques, and the latest tools to offer meticulous, deep cleaning services. These include professional tools for carpet steam cleaning, high-pressure nozzles for outdoor pressure cleaning, and safe, eco-friendly cleaning products.

365 Cleaners strive to provide an immaculate cleaning service that not only cleans but also sanitises your space, ensuring a healthy, safe, and fresh environment for your family or staff. 

Quick and Efficient Deep Cleaning Services

Understanding the importance of time, we offer quick and efficient deep cleaning services in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Whether it’s a one-off deep cleaning or a regular cleaning requirement, our dedicated team is just one phone call away. At 365 cleaners, we promise timely, effective, and hassle-free services. For a competitive quote and to experience quality cleaning, reach out to us on 1300 285 518 today.

Bond Cleaning Service – Ensuring Smooth Property Handover

Moving out can be stressful, especially with all those leasing obligations to fulfil. Bond cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning is one of those key duties you need to undertake before handing over the property. With 365 Cleaners, you can avail of a professional end-of-lease cleaning service that ensures a smooth and hassle-free property handover. Our bond cleaning services are also designed to meet the agency’s property management clean-up checklist. This way, we help you claim back your bond money without any deductions. 
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How To Prepare Your Home For Deep Cleaning

Preparing your home for a deep cleaning can optimise the time our cleaners spend in each room. Here are some suggestions:

Clear Clutter: Remove any unnecessary items or clutter that may prevent our team from cleaning every nook and cranny.

Ensure Accessibility: Make sure all areas of your home are easily accessible for the cleaning team.

Secure Valuables: Keep all valuable and fragile items in a safe place to prevent any accidental damage during the cleaning process.

Communicate: If you have certain areas of concern, or if you are allergic to any cleaning products we plan to use, please communicate this to us prior to the scheduled service.

For superior deep cleaning services in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, trust the expertise of 365 Cleaners. Contact us today at 1300 285 518 for an obligation-free quote and set a path to sparkling cleanliness. 


Got questions? We’ve got answers

What exactly does your deep cleaning services include?

Our deep cleaning service is comprehensive and includes cleaning every corner of your property. From the living spaces to bathrooms and kitchens, to outdoor areas such as driveways and patios. We also offer carpet steam cleaning and ensure all surfaces, including skirting boards and mirrors, are spotlessly clean.

Why should I choose 365 Cleaners for deep cleaning services in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth?

There are several reasons why 365 Cleaners should be your first choice for deep cleaning services. Our team is experienced, professional, and meticulous. We provide regular cleaning to maintain consistency, ensure customer happiness, and offer excellent customer service. Plus, we use high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products.

How quickly can you provide deep cleaning services?

We understand the importance of time and aim to provide quick and efficient deep cleaning services. Whether it’s a one-off deep cleaning or a regular requirement, our dedicated team is just one call away. You can contact us at 1300 285 518 .

I’m moving out. Can you help with bond cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning?

Absolutely. At 365 Cleaners, we offer professional end-of-lease cleaning services to ensure a smooth and hassle-free property handover. Our bond cleaning services are designed to meet the agency’s property management cleanup checklist, which could help you claim back your bond money without any deductions.

How should I prepare my home for deep cleaning?

To maximise our efficiency, you should remove clutter and ensure all areas of your home are accessible. We suggest you store away all valuable and fragile items, and inform us about any specific areas of concern or if you have allergies to specific cleaning products.

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