Professional window cleaning services in Melbourne make a real difference to the aesthetics of a home or business. 365 Cleaners is renowned for providing commercial window cleaning services of the highest standard. Our team of skilled and experienced window cleaners tackle dirty windows with efficiency, leaving them sparkling clean and streak-free. We also tailor our services to meet the unique needs of different types of windows; from glass windows to exterior windows. No window is too hard-to-reach for us!

Window Clean – High Window Clean

Window Clean – High Window Clean

At 365 Cleaners, we have been serving professional high window cleaning services for both residential and commercial in Australia from the last few years. We understand that when it comes to window cleaning, you want the best comprehensive experience. Our professional high window cleaners are highly trained and are familiar with all the latest window cleaning technologies.

365 Cleaners- Provide quality high window cleaning services in Australia

When you need high window cleaning services to restore gloss and shine to the windows, you need a professional team. With over a few years of experience, 365 Cleaners know exactly what it takes to provide high-quality results for residential and commercial window cleaning services in Australia. We work closely with our clients to define their cleaning needs and provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations.
Armed with the best equipment that allows us to reach all areas, there is nothing out of reach for our team. Our window cleaning services include removing dust, dirt, and spider webs as well as cleaning flat screens and wiping window frames.

window cleaning services in Australia

Top-Quality Window Cleaning Solutions

At 365 Cleaners, we understand that cleaning windows can be a tedious task that requires specific tools, techniques, and a certain level of expertise. Our dedicated team has the experience and the right window cleaning supplies to ensure a job well done. We utilise professional window cleaning detergents that are strong enough to remove stubborn dirt from windows but gentle enough not to leave any spotting on windows. With us, expect nothing less than squeaky-clean and shiny windows. 

Our reliable window cleaning service also encompasses the cleaning of window frames and window sills. No detail is too small for our meticulous team. We even remove paint from glass using specialised techniques, ensuring no damage is caused to your windows. Your peace of mind is essential to us!

Comprehensive Commercial Window Cleaning Services

If you’re running a business in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, clean windows are crucial to maintaining a professional image. 365 Cleaners takes care of your commercial window cleaning needs so you can concentrate on running your business. Our skilled team is trained to handle all sorts of commercial windows, even in hard-to-reach places.

We uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, leaving windows spotless and streak-free. Our team uses a spray bottle filled with our specialised cleaning solution and a rubber blade to wipe away the grime, providing remarkable results.

Why Choose 365 Cleaners For Window Cleaning?

When it comes to window cleaning near me, 365 Cleaners stand unrivalled. Here’s why:

Skilled Team: Our proficient window cleaners are trained to handle various types of windows and use advanced techniques to ensure squeaky-clean, shiny windows. 

Customised Service: We understand that different clients have different needs. Thus, we customise our services to fit the specific needs of our clients perfectly.

Competitive Pricing: We don’t believe in charging a premium for quality service. Our rates are competitive, ensuring you get your money’s worth each time.

High Standard of Service: We strive to provide a high standard of service to all our clients. Your peace of mind is important to us!

Secure, Residential Window Cleaning

Are you a homeowner in Adelaide, Perth, or Melbourne in need of a reliable window cleaning service? Trust 365 Cleaners to get the job done! We specialise in residential window cleaning, delivering streak-free results on all types of windows. Our team is adept at reaching even the most difficult spots, ensuring no window sill or corner is left untouched. We promise to leave your windows sparkling clean, improving the overall aesthetics and appeal of your home.

How To Maintain Clean Windows All Year Round

Between professional cleans, there are a few things you can do to maintain the shine and transparency of your windows. 

Dust frequently: Use a microfiber cloth to dust your windows regularly. This can prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Use homemade cleaners: You can create a simple window cleaning solution at home using vinegar and warm water. Spray it on the windows and wipe using a clean, dry cloth for a streak-free finish.

Remove stains promptly: If there’s any staining or spotting on windows, take care of it immediately to prevent it from becoming a stubborn mark.

Trust 365 Cleaners for all your professional window cleaning needs! We ensure top-quality service, competitive pricing, and excellent customer happiness. For a free quotation and appointment, give us a call at 1300 285 518.

Professional Vacate Cleaners in Melbourne

Moving out from rented house or office but worrying about your security deposit? Having expert cleaners can take care of all your worries as you vacate your property.


Got questions? We've got answers

Do you provide window cleaning near me in Melbourne?

Yes, 365 Cleaners delivers professional window cleaning services all across Melbourne. We offer both commercial and residential window cleaning services.

What can I expect from 365 Cleaners' window cleaners near me?

You can expect a high-standard window cleaning service, including cleaning of the window frames and window sills, from our skilled cleaners. We use advanced techniques and professional detergents that leave your windows squeaky-clean and shiny.

Is your window cleaning service suitable for all types of windows?

Yes, our team is trained to handle various types of windows, including glass windows and exterior windows. We tailor our services to meet unique needs, ensuring a clean and streak-free result.

How does your pricing compare for window cleaning in Melbourne?

365 Cleaners is known for competitive pricing. We offer premium quality service without charging a premium. You can be assured of getting your money's worth each time.

What measures can I take to maintain clean windows all year round?

In between our professional cleaning services, regularly dust your windows using a microfiber cloth, create a homemade window cleaning solution with vinegar and warm water for a streak-free finish, and remove any stains promptly to keep your windows clean.

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Why choose 365 Cleaners for high window cleaning services?

Here are some of the reasons why 365 Cleaners is a leading choice for window cleaning services:

  • We focus on outstanding professionalism, workmanship, efficiency, reliability and friendly customer service.
  • We will inspect and rework-if you are not happy with the results.
  • We do not leave drops on the ground, footprints, or any other sign of our existence. When we get our job done right, you’ll never even know we’ve been there – except for your sparkling windows!
  • Our window cleaners work hard to understand and meet each customer’s specific needs.
  • Nothing is out of reach for us. High windows are not a problem thanks to the elevators and water poles.

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