10 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

Your carpet is precious to you. It is one of those possessions that you can’t get enough of. You can stare at it for hours, admiring its beauty and colours. You wouldn’t want anything to hurt even one of its fibres. What do you do? You make sure never to make the following mistakes when it getting it cleaned:


1. Forgetting To Vacuum Enough

It is very essential to vacuum your carpet frequently or at least once a week if you want them to remain dirt-free. You don’t want your carpets to look matted down or faded or dull when the guests arrive.


2. Investing In The Wrong Stain Removal

The wrong stain removal can do a lot of damage to your carpets. Several carpet cleaners in Melbourne say that you should always invest in some natural or organic compounds only if you are not certain about the ingredients contained in the cleaning solution.


3. Using A Cheap Carpet Deodoriser

It is never a good idea to use a cheap carpet deodorizer or any kind of perfume or deodorant on its fibres during carpet cleaning. the best way to maintain its hygiene and reduce any kind of smell is to keep it clean instead of spraying it with any perfume or spirit of any kind.


4. Trying Every Cleaning Method Possible

YouTube is filled with tutorials and DIY cleaning methods. Should you try every one of them on your carpets? Not at all! Trying every possible cleaning method is only going to ruin their fibres and make their texture coarse and rough.


5. Forgetting To Clean Spills Immediately

What do you do with a gravy spill? What do you do with a wine spill? The most reputable carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne advise you to remove all of the spills immediately without fail. Do not wait for the liquid to seep into the fibres of the carpet. The best approach is to grab a few paper towels and dab the affected area with them.

10 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Should Always Avoid


6. Scrubbing Instead Of Dabbing

Yes, you’re never supposed to scrub in the stain. You are only supposed to dab the liquid or any residue out using paper towels or napkins. You can also use a worn-out cotton cloth for the purpose but make sure never to scrub the stain in. This is only going to push the spill deeper into the fibres of the carpet which is going to become very difficult to clean afterward.


7. Over Cleaning Your Carpets

Overcleaning your carpet or using too much scrubbing and blotting action as per numerous carpet cleaners in Melbourne can ruin the texture and overall aesthetics of the rug. It is never advised to use too much pressure on your carpets or drop it in the washing machine for extensive wash cycles.


8. Forgetting To Deep-Clean

You should always perform a deep clean of your carpet at least twice a year. Failing to do that will only result in your carpets becoming dirty and riddled with pollutants and grime.


9. Using Too Much Shampoo

Never use too much detergent or shampoo to wash your carpets. You will end up using litres and litres of water to clean it out and after having spent the entire day, you will have nothing but a soggy and worn-out carpet in your hand.


10. Choosing An Unreliable Carpet Cleaning Company

Last but not the least, the biggest mistake you could make is that of hiring an unreliable and unskilled carpet steam cleaning professional in Melbourne. Do your research. Go through their reviews. Visit their official website. Decide upon it only after you have made a thorough inquiry about their reputation.

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