10 Everyday Cleaning Hacks: How To Clean Home in 15 Minutes

Do you have a house of chaos? Or maybe you feel you just could do with some daily cleaning tips to save your time to enjoy your part time hobbies? Household chores without a doubt are tedious and time consuming. However, if you want to make your daily house cleaning simple, smooth, effective and not time consuming, follow these simple steps suggested by 365 Cleaners Essendon and clean your home in jiffy without any hassle.

Cleaning Hacks Carpet steam cleaning Essendon

1. Collect your cleaning supplies

First of all you need to have your cleaning supplies handy otherwise you will be only wasting your time and hard work. Make a checklist of essential things you need to clean your house correctly. Having right cleaning gadgets is important for a precise and quick everyday cleaning.

Here is a list of necessary cleaning supplies you must keep in your home to make it a spick and span deal.

Vacuum cleaner
Microfiber clothes
Broom, flat mop, and dustpan
Rubber gloves
Toilet cleaner
All purpose cleaner
White vinegar
Baking soda
Cleaning brush and toothbrush (don’t use this one on your teeth)
Floor cleaner
House disinfectant
Sponge and scrubbing pad
Dish soap and stain remover

2. Organize your house

Organizing household stuff is the most important phase of cleaning a house. When you know which thing is kept where, you will easily find your belongings at the time of need without messing up the entire setting. Always sort and store things by category.

3. Declutter your house and cupboards

You would not want clutter to take control of your house. Throw the things into your bin box that are of no use. Donate your old clothes and household items that are no longer any use. Get rid of all extra that stuff which makes your house a chaotic and a messed up deal.

4. Make your bed just after when you are up in the morning

Always make your bed just after you get up from the bed in the morning. It will take your only one or two minutes. Either do it before you go for your morning shower or before you leave your bedroom. Always adorn your bed with light and bright colored bed sheet and cushion. It will turn your bedroom into a comfy and inviting space.

5.Clean the dishes instantly after using them

Dishes should be done right after they are used. Clean up after each meal then there would be no mess on the counters, stove and in the kitchen sink. It is better to soak up dishes for a while before you clean them. It will save your time and efforts.

6.Clean up kitchen countertops

A clean and clutter-free kitchen countertop makes your job of preparing for next meal trouble-free. Clean the mess and clutter that builds up on the countertop over the course of cooking or right after you see it.

7. Regular vacuum cleaning

Giving your house a daily vacuum takes no time when you invest in a really nifty robotic vacuum cleaner. Create and follow a schedule for vacuuming your home. Whether you pick a certain day of the week or month, following a regular schedule and sticking to that routine will help you ensure that your floors are clean all the time.

8. Clean your carpets

Clean your carpet on regular intervals with the help of a vacuum cleaner or stiff-bristled broom and a dustpan. Big carpets need deep cleaning or steam cleaning at least once in a year to ensure there are no dust mites, bacteria and other allergens to cause you or your family members sick.
It is tough for a person to deep clean a carpet without the help of a professional carpet cleaner company with the busy work schedule. If you live in Essendon or in the close proximity, fix an appointment with Carpet steam cleaning Essendon & Cleaners Essendon. Clear out your doubts about steam carpet cleaning. They are the best carpet cleaners with affordable price deals in the area with a proficient crew.

9. Make it a point to quick clean your bathroom

It will not take more than 5 minutes for you to quick clean your bathroom after you finish using it for the day. Pick up your hair, soap pieces, and grime and then wash off the floor with water and detergent. Wipe the floor using a wipper or a mop.

10. Make sure you clean your toilet everyday

Take out time to clean your toilet everyday with an effective toilet cleaner. If you live alone, you can clean your toilet thrice a week. However, with a big family and kids at home it is necessary to clean a toilet everyday to stop the spread of germs. Always follow the washing instruction on the product if you are unsure about how to wash the toilet the same.

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