How To Clean Carpet- 7 Simple Tips

Carpet owners know a thing or two about the luxury that hardwood floors provide a sense of simplicity, carpet provides a space that is warm, both physical and visual. Who wouldn’t feel at home while sitting on a carpet?

But with a beautiful carpet comes a huge responsibility.

Accidents are bound to happen, even though you do your best to keep your carpet clean. Unfortunately, spills and messy events, as well as foot traffic and pollutants entering your home, are inevitable.

As much as we like to keep our carpets clean 24/7, that’s almost impossible. Despite all the efforts to keep it clean, dirt will eventually come along for a variety of reasons it could be from stepping on, spilling and staining. That’s why the carpet needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance. It’s a fact that a clean carpet gives your home a vibrant look. But it’s just as important how you clean your carpet you have to apply some cleaning effects.

Here are 7 simple tips to clean your carpet suggested by carpet steam cleaning Oakleigh experts:

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1.Vacuum Regularly- Every time you step on the carpet, you leave the dirt behind. Since your carpet won’t be regularly cleaned, you need to find a way to extract the dirt frequently to keep the carpet looking good. It is the time vacuuming is prescribed on a regular basis. A vacuum cleaner can pick up dust and dirt, ensuring that your carpet still looks fine. How much carpet is used will determine the frequency of cleaning the carpet. If you’re a bachelor, it’ll be enough to do it a week, and if you have a big family and pets, do it at least three days a week.

2. Deals with spills immediately- When it comes to cleaning up a mess, time is crucial. When something spills on your carpet, don’t waste a minute. The trick is dabbing, not scrubbing. Rubbing the spill merely drives the debris deeper down onto the threads of the carpet. The secret to keeping the carpet clean for a longer time is to deal with any spill instantly. Any kind of mess needs a new approach. The best way to deal with it is to soak it with a dry cloth or use a carpet cleaner before soaking it in.

3. To deep clean hire a professional once a year- Most vacuums aren’t strong enough to pull up the dirt entrenched deep within the carpets. It is important to hire professional services for carpet steam cleaning in Oakleigh. Professional carpet cleaning company like 365 Cleaners, who used the best equipment to clean the carpet.

4. Use the right cleaning solutions– You wouldn’t pour harsh chemicals down the drain to pollute waterways, so why consider using them on your carpet? When you have little kids or pets at home, this is extremely important to avoid using synthetic cleaners on the carpet and around the home. On top of being unhealthy, it also damages the carpet on a micro level and will aid in its deterioration. It is a common mistake people make by using harsh chemicals on carpet. For carpet cleaning the right solutions to be used.

5. Check for colorfastness of solution first– If this is the first time you are cleaning with a solution it is important to test for colorfastness first. Some solutions can damage your carpet by fading its color. You need to check if the color of the carpet will be affected by the cleaning solution. Start by cleaning a small area first and see how the cleaner works. You can also check, by using cleaning solutions on a white towel and then scrub it onto the carpet, if there are small traces of carpet color on the towel, this solution should be avoided as it will fade the carpet color. It will also likely reduce the life of your expensive carpet if used.

6. Blotting is crucial– Rubbing is another mistake that people do when cleaning stains on the carpet. When you rub the stain pigments further into the carpet fibers, this is the worst possible thing you can do. Also, the circumference of stains may end up deepening and expanding. It will definitely affect the life of your carpet. By blotting, you will treat the stain with an absorbent material without spreading the stain to other areas of the carpet.

7. Consider a no-shoes policy– Since you are making an effort to keep your pets’ paws clean you should do the same by taking off your shoes before you enter the door. Asking your family members and guests to take off their shoes upon arrival is a sure way to reduce stains and keep the carpet looking good.

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