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Professional Bond Cleaning Brisbane

The most reputable business in Brisbane is 365 Cleaners, which provides a wide variety of cleaning services. Our specialty is using safe and effective cleaning agents to clean rental properties, houses, workplaces, ovens, BBQs, and carpets. Call us at any time to schedule the most affordable cleaning service in the city and its surrounds.

If you do not contact a reputable and experienced bond cleaning company in Brisbane, the conclusion of the leasing period could rapidly become difficult. If all of your laborious efforts to recover the bond are in vain, you may feel shattered. Our staff are readily available in the area and serve the metropolis as well as every suburb.

Bond Cleaning in Brisbane adopts a client-centered philosophy and customises the method to meet the requirements of the customer. We make sure your leased property is immaculately maintained so that the landlord and property management are pleased with the state of the home or business. Call us to take advantage of our service and obtain a free quote right away.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane with a Bond Back Guarantee

Bond cleaning in Brisbane is a difficult and laborious task best handled by a professional cleaning business, which is why native residents trust us. Here is how we get the outcomes that support re-establishing the bond:

Trained and Experienced

Our bond cleaners in Brisbane have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly clean all surfaces, leaving them germ-free and pristine. They are experienced in cleaning all different kinds of rental properties while adhering to landlord instructions.
Our best bond cleaning in Brisbane has a completely insured team of cleaners who have had their backgrounds checked. They can be relied upon without a second thought. You can leave the property in their care and unwind while it’s being cleaned.

Green Cleaning

We only use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products because we are concerned about the pollution that chemical-laden goods cause in our environment. During bond back cleaning in Brisbane, we put an emphasis on minimising water and electricity waste.

Advanced Equipment

Our bond cleaners in Brisbane are outfitted with high-tech equipment and supplies that enable flawless cleaning of every room and region in the home or structure. Over time, our techniques have improved in effectiveness.

Flexible Booking

When a tenant moves out of a home, they are under a lot of pressure to pack everything up and then put it back in its proper position. By providing them with a convenient and pleasant cleaning slot of their choosing, we aim to lessen their burden.

Quick Response

A prompt response from our cleaners ensures that they arrive at your property at the scheduled time without delay. They get the task done swiftly and don’t waste time conversing or taking unneeded breaks.

Quality Work

Our experts are dedicated to offering a well-managed bond cleaning Brisbane for your rental home that delights both the renters and the property managers. They are devoted to what they are doing. For our work, we provide a 100% Bond Back Guarantee (T&Cs apply).

Tension-Free Minds

With our cleaners working on your leased property, you can relax knowing they’re doing their absolute best to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny so you can get your bond back.

Smart Support

Our support team is always on hand to guide you through difficult situations and put your fears to rest. We take a transparent stance and always maintain an open line of contact.


After reviewing your requirements, we create a personalised price and do not charge any extra fees later. The residents of Brisbane favour us because of our affordable pricing.


What We Provide in Brisbane for Bond Cleaning

  • Door Tracks
  • Restrooms, Vanity, and Sink
  • Vaccinated and mopped floors
  • Window Frame
  • Lights
  • Doors
  • Garage-Swept & De-obwebbed Dishwasher
  • Cleaning Door Tracks
  • Cooktop and Range Hood
  • Internal Windows
  • Light Fittings
  • Mirror
  • Shower And Bath Recess
  • Skirting Boards
  • Light Spot
  • Cleaning of Walls
  • Architraves
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning
  • Door Frames
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Cupboards & Draws Throughout


Brisbane’s Entire Suburbs are Serviced by 365 Cleaners

We offer professional cleaning services at your door in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs. At a subsidised rate, our staff will be at your door to offer professional carpet cleaning services. We service all Brisbane suburbs, including:

  • Logan New Farm
  • Coorparoo Spring Hill
  • Taigum Springfield
  • North End
  • Bowen Hills
  • Albion
  • Chermside\Carindale\Capalaba
  • Woolloongabba
  • Hill Of Redcliffe
  • Milton Camp
  • Annerley Acacia Ridge In Ipswich


Bond Back Cleaning in Brisbane with Full Insurance

Don’t bother looking for a solution if you are a renter who is considering moving but is being forced to stay in a place you don’t want to because of bond cleaning pressure. You can get out of this mess with the aid of our skilled bond cleaners in Brisbane. We will make an effort to deliver excellent outcomes at your property at the time of move-out by offering top-notch bond cleaning services to meet your cleaning needs.

Bond cleaning in Brisbane is a thorough process that includes a variety of cleaning procedures like cleaning carpets, washing walls, cleaning floors, cleaning upholstery (in furniture given by the property owner), maintaining electrical appliances, controlling pests, etc. Brisbane’s best bond cleaners may assist tenants in making their rental home brand-new and spotless so that it is ready for new inhabitants.

Tenants are required to complete an initial condition report at the beginning of their lease that describes the property’s state at the time of moving in. This process must be completed carefully. The information in the document will enable you to assess the degree of wear and tear or any damage the property may have sustained during your tenure. As a result, we advise that you include even the smallest details in the text.

How do 365 Cleaners function?

Contact us

To schedule a cleaning job, call us. We verify the time slot and date you require and offer a free estimate.

Launch the cleaning procedure

Our seasoned cleaners arrive at your location and clean your home according to the customised cleaning checklist.

Give your Opinion

Your opinions are highly important. If you have any feedback for us then we are welcome to receive it and try to improve for future.

Brisbane's Bond Back Cleaning Process:

Choose Your Service

Make a Cleaning Service Selection.

Booking Accomplished

Get confirmation when you use us to book a job.

Cleanup Period

Your home is meticulously cleaned by our professional bond cleaners.

Final Examination

Our cleaners inspect every area of a house after cleaning is complete.


Let 365 Cleaners do the cleaning part


Bond Back Brisbane Guarantee Included

General cleaning

  • Clean the inside of cabinets and drawers, as well as the doors, tops, and shelving of the cabinets.
  • Windows: clean both sides (with the exception of heights and accessibility)
  • Clean and vacuum the tracks of the sliding doors.
  • Tidy cords, rails, and regular blinds (spot clean and dust).
  • Every floor and carpet should be vacuumed.
  • Scrub rough surfaces.
  • Cobwebs, bug spots, and small nests should be removed in areas where pest management is not required.
  • Maintain filters, air conditioners, and fans.
  • Tidy light fixtures (where they can be safely removed and accessible)
  • Walls, light switches, and power outlets should be spotless.
  • Tidy doors, skirting, and architraves


Toilet Cleaning

  • Shower: Shower screens are washed and cleaned, followed by the cleaning of the tile sills.
  • Plugging holes in vanity sinks must be polished, cleaned, and wiped
  • Shelves, cupboards, and drawers should be cleaned and dusted with a soft cloth.
  • Toilets should have their bowls and seats cleaned and disinfected inside and out.
  • Washing the bath and cleaning the plug holes
  • Doors and skirting have been vacuumed, cleaned, and mopped in tiled areas
  • Remove any smudges, marks, or grease
  • Mirrors and cabinets should be cleaned and polished.
  • Light switches should be sprayed with a cleaning solution and then wiped down to remove any stains.
  • Fans and light fixtures should be dusted
  • Cleaning the sinks, taps, and disposal unit to get rid of any accumulated stains


Light and Fan Fittings

  • Windows were cleaned, dusted, and wiped
  • The floors were mopped and cleaned
  • Dusted and wiped, removing stains
  • Vacuumed and mopped light switches
  • Disposal unit, sink, and taps
  • Remove any accumulated stains by cleaning

Garage Cleaning

  • Wiped and cobwebs removed on the ceiling and roofs
  • Floors: Scrub and wash any concrete or tiled surfaces.
  • Walls: Wash and scrub, then spot-remove stains.


Patio Cleaning

  • Outdoor floors, including tiles, were washed, swept, and mopped.
  • The roof and ceiling were cleaned to remove cobwebs and dust.

Furnished Space Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning – A carpet cleaner will clean the carpeted surfaces.
  • Doors, walls, and skirting should be dusted and spot-cleaned, and light fixtures should be cleaned.
  • Complete wall washing is an extra expense. Remove any grease, marks, or smudges.
  • Floors – Vacuumed and mopped
  • Blinds – Dusted and Wiped Clean to Remove Dirt and Dust
  • Stair Cases – Vacuumed, Mopped, Swept
  • Please be aware that some blinds need extra time to be cleaned.
  • Light switches should be dusted, cleaned, and stained
  • Supplemental services (which will be separately quoted)

The following services will be listed on your quote as distinct items and are quoted individually.


NOTE: They are not included if they are not mentioned in your quote.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Only the more popular services are covered; there are also special services like home repairs, painters, etc.

  • Cleaning Blinds and Carpet
  • Gardening Upkeep
  • Furnished residences
  • Upholstery Cleaning and Pest Control Pressure Cleaning

Cleanup Exclusions for Bond Back Cleaning


Our Bond Cleaning Service does not cover these items.


Despite everything we’ve tried, mould can become lodged in the grout, silicon, and other materials.

Damp Patches

We will try our best to get rid of any mildew or stains from damp spots, but we can’t erase them.

Completely clean walls

We spot clean the walls to remove insect stains, but a thorough wall cleaning takes more time and frequently yields the same results.



Despite all of our efforts, and years of commercial cleaning knowledge, discoloration is inevitable due to regular wear and strain on the building.

Natural rock stains and tile

Although we try our hardest, it is not possible to remove stains without specialised help due to the makeup of the tiles or benchtops (some of which are extremely porous).


Ceilings are not cleaned by us.


Zones of Risk

Any areas that our cleaners believe are too hazardous for them to work in, such as those with broken or cracked PowerPoints or switches, trash, bio waste, or other potential safety hazards.


  • No cleaning at heights is done by our cleaners.
  • No cleaning that calls for a ladder will be done.
  • For instance, second-floor windows in a complex of apartments.

Garage Walls

We don’t undertake garage floor or wall cleaning.

Professional Services

Areas that demand specialised cleaning tools, customised chemicals, or experienced technicians.


Further Items

Appliances like refrigerators, furniture, and any other goods that are not expressly mentioned in the inclusions will not be cleaned unless the parties directly agree to do so in writing.

Furnished (If Applicable)

If the contents of the cabinets are not removed, we cannot clean inside.

Kitchen utensils (Furnished if applicable)

All kitchen appliances that are stored in cabinets and drawers are not cleaned or guaranteed by us.

Exclusions for Furnished Properties

Picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, tablecloths, and other decorative items are not cleaned or guaranteed by us.


Experts in Bond Cleaning for Us, Highest Success Rate

Concerned about your bond investment? At Bond Cleaning Brisbane, we relieve the anxiety that renters have as their leases come to an end. We are aware that during this time, landlords, property managers, and real estate agencies could act grumpy and withhold your deposit. As a result, we take care to avoid giving them a chance to detect a mistake.

For every rental property, we provide the best bond cleaning in Brisbane because we are experts in both home and office cleaning. Every room is meticulously cleaned by our staff of skilled professionals. All the surfaces are mopped, scrubbed, cleaned, disinfected, and sanitised. They clean ceiling fans, exhaust fans, hard-to-reach locations, and cobwebs. They spot-clean the stains on the walls and clean all the washable surfaces, including the cooktop, range hood, and oven. They are reliable, considerate, and diligent, going above and beyond to uphold the 100% Bond Back Guarantee (Ts and Cs apply). So why are you still waiting? Get a free, no-obligation quote from us right away.


Brisbane’s Comprehensive Bond Back Cleaning Service

The likelihood of recovering the bond is increased by hiring bond cleaners in Brisbane because they are skilled at cleaning and trained in our efficient approaches. Please review our perks.

Serving the City Devotedly

Our cleaners have been providing cleaning services in Brisbane for a long time and are familiar with all of the surrounding neighborhoods. All of the suburbs, such as Kangaroo Point, New Farm, Nundah, St. Lucia, Paddington, Morningside, etc., are among those we are prepared to help.

Employing Sustainable Practices

In recent years, everyone has seen the negative effects of global warming and climate change. We must change our behaviours immediately and work toward a better future. Brisbane’s Bond Cleaning is proud to be a green cleaning business.


We must Put Your Safety First

Many families worry about the safety of their loved ones, their belongings, and the intrusion of strangers into their homes. You can put all these uncertainties to rest with Bond Cleaning in Brisbane because all of our cleaners are qualified specialists.

Various Services Offered Under One Roof

For the convenience of our clients, our bond cleaning service in Brisbane offers a range of cleaning services. You require our assistance because it is challenging to thoroughly clean a whole property on your own.


Innovative Cleaning Methods and Equipment

To ensure that we are performing at the highest level possible, we have created specialised cleaning techniques that enable us to go above and beyond your expectations. To make every property shine, our cleaners are equipped with a wide variety of cutting-edge instruments.

We Always Follow Industry Standards

For each of our clients, we design a tailored cleaning service package at a fair price and let them know the final quotation during the initial consultation. We are dedicated to performing a complete clean-up by all industry standards.


Got questions? We've got answers

How can I schedule your Brisbane Bond Back Cleaning service?

With our quick and straightforward approach, scheduling your bond cleaning service is a breeze. What you must do is as follows: To schedule your bond cleaners in Brisbane, you can either call us directly or get an estimate online using our website form. Our customer service representatives are available from 7:30 am to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday. We respond to inquiries using the web form within a day.

How much does Bond Back Cleaning in Brisbane cost?

The size of the property has a significant impact on how much bond cleaning will cost. The typical cost for a house with one bedroom and one bathroom is $130 per hour of labor. Similar to that, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house's bond cleaning costs are $700 per hour of labor.

Do you work on the weekends?

On weekends, we do accept reservations in advance, however, it depends on the space. Please inquire at the time of booking.

What does Brisbane's Bond Back Guarantee Cleaning entail?

Bond cleaning is often referred to as exit cleaning or end-of-tenancy cleaning. Bond cleaning is the cleaning of your apartment or home that is needed by law to be done by the real estate agent so that you can get your bond deposit back. It is crucial to tidy up and clean the house before leaving, if you are moving out of it permanently or even temporarily. Indirectly, it aids in your early and hassle-free bond receipt.

In Brisbane, how do you perform a quality bond-back cleaning?

Our certified and experienced bond back cleaners clean the properties and make them all stand out in terms of cleanliness with the aid of our cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Do you offer both pest control and carpet steam cleaning?

Yes, if necessary, we also provide pest control services and carpet steam cleaning. We can, therefore, complete it all at a reduced cost rather than hunting for a different company.

Trained Cleaning Staff
Free Quote

As soon as you get in touch with us, we'll send you a free quote for the service so you can have a sense of how much it will cost. This will assist you in deciding which cleaning service you want to choose.

Trained Cleaning Staff
Friendly Personnel

All surfaces can be cleaned by our bond cleaners to a sparkling, germ-free condition. They are the best bond cleaners in Brisbane at maintaining a highly positive attitude while cleaning various varieties of rental properties.

Trained Cleaning Staff
Maximum Quality

The goal of our professionals is to satisfy both the renters and the property managers with a well-managed bond cleaning Brisbane of your rental property. They give their all to their task.

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